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New Directory Connects Businesses with Black Salesforce Consultants

New resource launches to help businesses succeed with Salesforce and Buy Black

March 22, 2021--With the much-needed and increased focus around diversity and inclusion, a new resource has launched to recognize and connect an overlooked niche of the tech industry: Black-owned Salesforce businesses.

The Diverse Directory went live this past Black History Month as a resource to introduce a collective of business leaders who operate implementation agencies and apps for the Salesforce platform. As companies seek support for technical needs, the directory provides a way for them to “vote their values” by identifying and connecting with certified Salesforce experts while supporting Black-owned businesses.

“This is an exciting solution because it addresses a real-world problem, which is the need to give voice--and provide business--to underrepresented groups in the larger Salesforce ecosystem," says Joshua Hoskins, Founder and Architect at CRMified. Hoskins mobilized his team of developers, project managers, and analysts at CRMified to build out the directory with support from the group, as well as interns from Directory-member HBCUForce. “I'm extremely proud of the work done to create a space to highlight the diversity of talent in the Salesforce ecosystem,” says Tiffany Spencer, Executive Director and CEO of HBCUForce.

The Diverse Directory features include:
  • Filters which allow you to refine results across locations, industries and specialities
  • Geographic Locations on listings to help you connect with local resources
  • Listings that provide in-depth details on each business, including their background, specializations and differentiators
  • Functionality to simplify booking a conversation with businesses to discuss your projects
  • Ways to connect with business owners via website, social media, and their Diverse profile

The Diverse Directory was birthed from the social justice work of BOSE, a collective of Black Salesforce entrepreneurs who came together shortly after the murder of George Floyd to discuss their challenges and propose solutions as business owners in the Salesforce ecosystem. The group convened a Town Hall in October to present their agenda and engage in dialogue with leaders within Salesforce. As a result, Salesforce has shared initiatives and resources to recognize and support these entrepreneurs with mentorship and business development resources.

“As an up-and-coming entrepreneur with plenty of passion and expertise, the directory has allowed me a platform to share the unique skills and perspective my team has to offer our clients and to ultimately expand our reach and impact,” says Djibril Anthony, Founder and Principal at EdgEffects. Businesses featured on the directory range from solopreneurs who specialize in specific features of the Salesforce platform, to training providers who teach Salesforce fundamentals, to Salesforce partner firms who help enterprise-level clients with complex projects.

Plans to expand the Diverse Directory include adding other underrepresented groups who operate Salesforce businesses, including LGBTQIA+ individuals and other ethnicities. “This is a necessary first step toward a much larger vision around technology and inclusion," Hoskins says. The broader Salesforce community has been supportive and encouraging surrounding the Diverse Directory. Megan Himan, CEO and Principal at Brightstep Partners, an ally and advocate for the group and the Directory shared her enthusiasm. “I have been blown away by this group of consultants and the excellence of the services they offer their clients. This group has offered organizations a tangible way to find a great match for their next project,” says Himan.

Visit the Diverse Directory: For more information on the Directory, contact Toni V. Martin of Systems To Success,