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Djibril Anthony

Founder & Principal at EdgEffects

Contributing Since
Washington, DC
Black-Owned, Consumer Products, Educational Institutes, Education Services, Professional Services, Political Organizations, Software and Services, Official Salesforce Partner
Defining Moment

Having spent more than a decade supporting and then leading organizations, EdgEffects founder Djibril Anthony realized the importance of leveraging technology—Salesforce in particular—to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and build capacity. Unfortunately, many organizations that could benefit from the Salesforce platform don’t have the resources to unlock its robust functionality. Djibril started EdgEffects to help organizations implement technology and data tools to become more effective and perform better.

  • Established In 2019

About EdgEffects

Comprising former leaders from the non-profit and professional services industries, the EdgEffects team came together around the belief that an organization’s ability to leverage cloud technology shouldn’t be limited by its capacity. EdgEffects helps organizations of all sizes utilize technology and data tools for continuous improvement and expanded impact.

Unique Perspective

In nature, an edge effect occurs where boundaries intersect. As the edge effect area increases, diverse concepts thrive, innovation accelerates, and unique landscapes emerge. Taking inspiration from this phenomenon, our team of experts work collaboratively with organizational leaders to implement innovative and sustainable technology-based solutions. EdgEffects brings expertise and a track record of success in system design, marketing automation, strategic planning, and cloud technology administration. We believe that an organization can be greater than the sum of its parts. By supporting organizations in leveraging technology, EdgEffects helps leaders at all levels maximize their impact.

Business as the solution

The EdgEffects team uses agile methodologies to effectively build on, revamp, or develop new systems and organizational processes. EdgEffects is experienced in implementing solutions for:

- marketing automation
- customer communities
- sales and pipeline management
- association and nonprofit management

We utilize a wide variety of tools primarily including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, Nonprofit Cloud and Pardot as well as third-party apps and services.

EdgEffects is driven by collaborative partnerships. As such, every client engagement starts with an immersion to understand organizational needs, challenges, and objectives/desired impacts. We believe that in order to design the right technological solution, we must first have a deep understanding of an organization’s culture, values and driving principles.