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Roni Lubwama

Salesforce Consultant at 256 Digital Solutions

Contributing Since
29207 Legends Hill Dr
Black-Owned, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Managed Services, AMER (Americas), Official Salesforce Partner
Defining Moment

Leading a greenfield Salesforce implementation project in 2015 and immediately recognizing its digital transformation potential.

About 256 Digital Solutions

256 Digital Solutions partners with organizations and enables them to transform their operations and processes using scalable technology solutions built on the Salesforce CRM platform.

Unique Perspective

I have been a Business Owner, Sales Rep, Marketing/Advertising Executive, Product Manager, Business Systems Analyst, Consultant, and a Salesforce Business User. Each of these hats has given me a unique perspective as to how Salesforce can transform an organization's operations and processes.

Business as the solution

My methodology is to review the organizational pain points and their impacts. That review will inform downstream decisions on likely scalable and suitable solutions. This approach delivers robust technology solutions to pain points that routinely imperil organizational objectives.