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Jessica Murphy

Founder at East First Consulting

Contributing Since
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Defining Moment

East First Consulting began as a concept in Phoenix SalesforceSaturday. Learners from across our city came to the group to learn and improve Salesforce skills. We discovered that we could blend our love of lifelong learning and Salesforce by creating curricula for the group. This was the beginning of crafting training and educational materials with a focus on helping organizations to leverage the power of education to increase Salesforce adoption and ROI and for individuals to reach their career goals.

About East First Consulting

East First Consulting is a Salesforce consulting and training firm focused on improved organizational outcomes by helping companies to utilize Salesforce and other technologies for continuous improvement and measurable impact. Training is most effective when it underscores an organization’s mission, vision and processes. We support organizational goals through training and curriculum consultations for any size business as well as Salesforce implementations and support for small businesses and nonprofits. We understand how to reach diverse audiences to build excitement and to guide your workforce to learn and adopt your company’s software/cloud solutions.

Unique Perspective

Our unique perspective is to serve with a focus on the power of education for individuals and organizations. Jessica Murphy, the Founder of East First Consulting, has a master’s degree in Adult Training and Education, has more than 15 years of teaching and training experience, and is a Salesforce MVP. We are multi-certified, and our focus is on educating individuals and groups from various backgrounds and learning styles. We have the ability to train in English and American Sign Language (ASL).

Business as the solution

One of the most important tasks of a leader is that s/he should look around the corner, look at what is coming next and steer their organization on a path that embraces the future. At East First consulting, we support organizational leaders and their companies by providing training that is effective and fun. Training is an important factor in the adoption of technology. Users and new system administrators must feel knowledgeable and empowered when using these new systems. Organizations can use our training services to improve organizational outcomes for their workforce. We craft our training and curricula around your needs while modeling real-time solutions so your team can see how adoption makes their job easier. Through training, individuals can learn tech, learn Salesforce, and improve skills. Our goal is to help organizations and individuals to tailor solutions, create a learning path, expand skills, attain certifications, achieve goals, and track success.

For organizations, we offer:

- Instructor-led end user training
- Instructor-led administrator training
- Training consultations
- Curriculum consultations
- eLearning
- Instructional design
- Software selection
- Salesforce implementations for small businesses and nonprofits
- Salesforce support for small businesses and nonprofits

We understand how to reach diverse audiences to inspire, to build excitement and to guide individuals and teams on their Salesforce learning journeys.