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Krystal D. Carter

Founder & Chief Cloud Enthusiast at Danny Kay Consulting

Contributing Since
Houston, TX
Black-Owned, Professional Services, Official Salesforce Partner
Defining Moment

Really my clients drove me to start my company. One specifically got me out of my non-compete with my previous consulting firm so they could continue to work with me. That's how this all started.

  • Established In 2016
  • Projects Delivered 61

About Danny Kay Consulting

Danny Kay Cloud is a full-service Salesforce implementation company. The Houston-based firm established in 2016 serves clients in multiple industries including utilities, oil & gas technologies, pharmaceuticals and more. Fouder and Chief Cloud Enthusiast, Krystal D. Carter has been a Salesforce Professional since 2004 and has made bringing others to the tech industry who may have never considered it as a possible career path. She's been invited to speak at the Inaugral Admin Keynote as well as the Trailhead Keynote and has led numerous Dreamforce sessions in her nearly two decades of work in the ecosystem.

Unique Perspective

Here at Danny Kay Cloud we are process driven and innovation motivated. We're able to bring those two skillsets together to provide our clients a different perspective on how they can alleviate the manual drawbacks in their org, automate them, and allow them the time and freedom to do the work they want to do.

Business as the solution

At DKC we believe four fundamental things to be true: Work and Fun are not mutually exclusive, and every day we strive to make them one and the same. In order to do business better we have to be willing to be Reflective on what’s brought us to just doing okay. Integrity: it's our namesake. Everyone matters: Equally.