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Kayode Adeniji

Co-Founder at MarketCatch Inc

Contributing Since
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Black-Owned, Professional Services, Travel, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), AMER (Americas), Retail, Hospitality, Official Salesforce Partner
Defining Moment

I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset and embrace opportunities to solve complex problems. I never expected to end up in the Salesforce ecosystem, but my life has always taken unexpected turns, so I have learned to be open minded and seize opportunities when they appear. After gaining valuable experience managing a pool of Salesforce clients at a previous agency, I was able to further develop my entrepreneurial skillset when I transitioned into independent consulting. I worked with a number of different clients with varying needs and received great feedback, and that’s when it clicked for me. I realized there was an opportunity to put some structure around what I was already doing and build a business, so I decided to take the leap of faith with some partners that I had in the ecosystem over the years.

  • Projects Delivered 47

About MarketCatch Inc

MarketCatch is a Salesforce consulting company with a focus on marketing technology implementation and strategy. Our focus is to ensure that our clients are set up the right way and are enabled to understand what's been done and how to manage/administer their instance on their own after our initial engagement is complete. We aim to provide a frictionless service with quick turnaround times and the needed level of support on an ongoing basis. We are based in Toronto, Ontario but you can be rest assured that you have a true partner in us as we will strive to be an extension of your team.

Unique Perspective

I believe my background gives me a unique perspective when engaging with clients. As a third culture kid who grew up in four different countries before calling Canada my home, I’ve been able to leverage exposure to a variety of cultures and ways of thinking which I believe makes me very people oriented. In addition to that, my engineering background gives me the analytical aptitude to overcome challenges that are technically complex in nature. This translates to how I manage my client interactions and I often find that aside from the meticulous approach I take with work, clients really enjoy the process because I always aim to gain their trust by providing more value than is expected.

Business as the solution

I am a born problem solver. I love the feeling of successfully unwinding a complex use case and leveraging the power of Salesforce to provide solutions that meet client needs. Our strengths are doing implementations that require more technical expertise such as custom preference centers, advanced personalization using Ampscript in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and creating complex queries for advanced segmentation.