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Autum Grimm

Co-Founder & CRO at PartnerTap

113 cherry street #36244 Seattle, WA 98104
Software and Services
Defining Moment

Quitting my job in corporate America so I could close my first customer for Partnertap. Deciding that I wanted to take all the best of my experiences in my career and build something sacred and special for the world and myself with two of the most special people on the planet at my side.

About PartnerTap

As our name implies, PartnerTap is focused on helping companies drive more revenue with partners. Our Partner Ecosystem Platform makes it easy for companies to automate account mapping, control what data you share with each partner, and enables sales teams to co-sell with partners. Our products help both channel and sales teams build a repeatable partner revenue machine that identifies new opportunities and accelerates deals.

Unique Perspective

You only get one ticket for this life, every step and breath I take is special. I'm eternally optimistic, in love with growth and I am grateful for every challenge, success and in between I get to experience. Once your ticket is punched you don't get a do-over so I'm choosing to make this ride the best I can by building a business with lasting value for my customers, employees and partners.

Business as the solution

We built PartnerTap to help channel and sales teams map accounts quickly and pinpoint the right accounts to target. Comparing data sets is extremely difficult on a small scale. At Enterprise companies, it is exponentially harder, as the data sets are extensive, making a GTM strategy much harder. V-Lookups become a painstaking process. Luckily, our Partner Revenue Platform does the hard work for you. It maps your accounts instantly, showing you positive account overlap. Additionally, PartnerTap is a live system, so your data is constantly syncing. As you deal with churn, acquire new customers, and change account teams, your data will always be up to date. 

To drive revenue and operationalize your partnership strategy, you need reliable account data. At the beginning of every quarter, account teams go back to the well and figure out what new accounts they should be selling and cross-selling into. With PartnerTap, they can automatically identify and leverage revenue within their ecosystems–immediately. 

PartnerTap’s Partner Revenue Platform is the best account mapping software on the market. It was built with the collective experience of 40 years in enterprise and channel sales. Our matching algorithms, data normalization, fuzzy matching, and expert auditing team were made with enterprise channel and sales teams in mind. Our solution continues to drive revenue for companies quarter over quarter. That’s why we are the most trusted and adopted account mapping platform in the industry.