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Toni V. Martin

Salesforce Functional Analyst at Systems To Success

Atlanta, GA
Black-Owned, Official Salesforce Partner, Salesforce MVP
Defining Moment

Toni was knee-deep into her third enterprise-size Salesforce implementation when she understood that even when companies had built out Salesforce technical teams they often lacked a rigorous process connecting business goals with the technical build. “I saw teams that had agile Salesforce delivery but ran into serious issues when they committed to user stories that couldn’t be built due to downstream ramifications, or missed requirements and had to circle back.” The problem is, that most companies don’t know how to build a system around ensuring that the most important business needs are built or maintained, including evaluating different requirements for different types of projects. And individuals that are placed in business analyst roles are given little direction.

About Systems To Success

Systems To Success focuses on Salesforce Essentials implementations and optimizations for small businesses.

Unique Perspective

Systems To Success has an exclusive focus on small businesses and the Salesforce Essentials product.

Business as the solution

Enter Systems for Success. For enterprises, Toni provides implementation and coaching to embed a sequence of repeatable steps she’s coined the Salesforce Business Analyst Project life cycle into the team’s work cycle. For small businesses, Toni’s team provides accessible business process-first implementation, optimization, migration and integration projects. She also provides important content and coaching for individual business analysts via her popular bi-annual Business Analyst summit and Analyst coaching membership.